January 28, 2009

Burger Broth

We use a lot of hamburger around here because it is affordable :) I almost always cook it in a large pot with lots of water. I do this for two reasons. It's healthier....when you drain it, the oil runs out with the water. I also like the texture of the meat cooked this way. It doesn't end up in big chunky wads....it has a more even texture. I always save the water I cooked the meat in. I just drain it into a stainless steal bowl....then plop it into the fridge. The next morning I break the fat off the top (I'm saving that in a jar or also you can freeze it....maybe for soap making one day or for other needs.) You get a pretty good flavored broth from this. It will have microscopic pieces of meat that will settle to the bottom that you could strain through a coffee filter to get out...but I never do. You can also just pour off after it settles till you reach the bits and give the bits to the nearest puppy bowl ;) Or like I do....if you use this for chili's or soups just add it right in... it's protein after all!
Drained boiled burger broth

Next day- Solidified fat on top, broth under ...I cracked it to show ya.

I remelt the fat into a jar but you could just put the chunks into a freezer bag.

Finished broth: this has a great beefy taste, I use it mainly for chili and beef veggie soups.


~Deidra~ said...

I always boil my ground beef, but I never save the broth. After reading this, I will start using it. Thanks!

Ace said...

Hi Ms. Moxie! You know, this is a really good idea. Especially as we go into hard times. You could use this to make rice that has a nice flavor.

Good post, love the pictures.

Many Blessings :)

Marianne said...

Now isn't this a slick idea! Keep up the good work!